For the Month of December

  • Bermuda sod can be planted. I have found this to be a good time to put down sod especially in places that do not have irrigation.
  • Poinsettias enjoy bright sun and need frequent watering; fertilizing is not necessary at this point. Oh, surely we all know these stay inside.
  • Now is a great time to do some pruning of your shrubs and trees because of increased visibility of their shape and form. Remember not to prune those spring bloomers like azaleas whose buds are set to bloom.
  • Think about winterizing your lawn mower, to ensure proper starting in the spring.
  • Trees can be planted now if the December weather is mild.  Trees should not be planted in frozen or soggy ground.
  • Merry Christmas! A potted plant, tree, or shrub, makes a great Christmas gift.

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