For the Month of November

  • Continue planting bulbs for the spring. Bulbs should be planted at a depth equivalent to 2-3 times their size. Bulbs make a bolder statement when planted in groups rather than scattered random rows.
  • Now is a wonderful time for planting trees and shrubs. However, shrubs that are easily susceptible to winter damage, for example, hydrangeas, gardenias, crape myrtles and azaleas, should be planted in the early spring.
  • A few fallen leaves, scattered across your lawn can add to its beauty, but several layers of leaves on your lawn can inhibit aeration and promote disease. Rake up the leaves when you notice them building up and toss them into your compost pile.
  • Continue fertilizing your fescue lawn.
  • Think about planting ornamental grasses for additional fall color.
  • If you are considering transplanting any of your perennials, make sure you do so about 4-6 weeks before the first frost.
  • If you have an irrigation system, now is the best time to turn it off and drain the pipes so it will be protected from a winter freeze.
  • Wait until winter is a little further along before pruning shrubs, if you prune now, new growth will be encouraged and then will only freeze. Wait until later in the winter when the shrub is dormant.

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