For the Month of February

  • Continue spot spraying the winter weeds that pop up in your lawn warm season turfs. Make sure the warm season turf is dormant (brown) before spraying.
  • Think about troublesome mowing spots in your lawn. Lawn areas that are difficult to mow because of sharp angles or hillsides can be replaced with flowerbeds or planted with ground cover.
  • Holly bushes can be cut back and pruned now.
  • Fescue lawns can be fertilized this month.
  • Consider what plants you would like to purchase for the spring.
  • New rose bushes can be planted now or transplanted.
  • Dogwood trees can now be planted. They prefer to be planted shallowly and need to be planted where there is good drainage in the soil.
  • Hydrangeas can be pruned this month-preferably toward the end of the month.
  • Summer blooming crape myrtles and roses can safely be pruned now. Don’t crape murder your crape myrtles!
  • Continue to deadhead and fertilize your winter annuals.
  • Keep a watch out for freezes! Protect your new and budding plants.
  • Fertilizing your lawn at this point is not necessary. If you are seeing weeds, they are winter weeds that can be treated with a simple herbicide spot and spray containing 2,4-D.
  • Make sure not to remove the foliage on your bulbs after they have completed their blooming cycle, this will impede next years growth and blooming.
  • Prune or cut back your ornamental grasses. Cut them all the way down to 6″.
  • If you haven’t cleaned out your old leaves from your shrub beds, do so and add fresh mulch. I like to apply a pre-emergent weed control in the beds before I mulch.

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