For the Month of July

  • Azaleas need plenty of water now because they are setting buds for next spring.
  • Remove flowers from basil and mint.
  • Cut back impatiens if becoming too tall.
  • Continue to deadhead flowering plants, once the blooms have withered and died.
  • Your shrubs and trees now need about 2 gallons of water per each foot of height. Limit run off by using slow soaking or dripping hoses when possible.
  • Make sure to schedule someone to water your plants while away on vacation.
  • Make sure to keep your lawn well watered with deep soakings. Your lawn should be receiving about 1 inch of water per week. To test how much water your lawn has been receiving, set out canisters in your lawn and measure the amount of water in them, after you have completed watering.
  • This month is the last month you will be able to prune your flowering shrubs from the spring, if you wait till after July, you might snip off next spring’s buds.
  • Apply fertilizer to your annual bed.

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