Pruning Azaleas

Everyone loves azaleas, but how do you keep them looking in shape and orderly? Here’s some amazing advice on pruning.

How to Keep Your Pine Straw in Line

It can be frustrating when you are continually sweeping or pushing your pine straw back into place. It’s time consuming and seems to be a never ending task! In this video we learn a trick to keeping pine straw in line!

Small Details, Big Changes

Simple changes can have enormous impact on your curb appeal!

Help for Your Muddy Areas

Sometimes high traffic areas without a lot of drainage never seem to dry out. What are you supposed to do with these consistently muddy areas? In this video, we give you a few ideas for that specific area that really has you “bogged” down!

How to Prune a Tree Correctly

In this video we learn the correct way to prune a tree.

How Much Mulch?

In this video we learn where to place your mulch and how much to use.

Removing Too Much Mulch

How much mulch is too much?

Mowing Secrets

How to have better looking Zoysia grass.

Pruning Azaleas with Selective Pruning

Below is an explanation of selective pruning.

Class with the Master Gardeners of Lafayette County

Below is a small clip from a class that was taught on pruning.

This class was held at the Oxford Public Library and
was sponsored by the Master Gardeners Association.