For the Month of January

  • Continue to access the structure of your trees and determine what branches should be trimmed.
  • Continue to deadhead and fertilize your pansies, their looks should be improving throughout the next few weeks.
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For the Month of February

  • Continue spot spraying the winter weeds that pop up in your lawn warm season turfs. Make sure the warm season turf is dormant (brown) before spraying.
  • Think about troublesome mowing spots in your lawn. Lawn areas that are difficult to mow because of sharp angles or hillsides can be replaced with flowerbeds or planted with ground cover.
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For the Month of March

  • It’s time to start getting serious about what spring seasonal color you are going to use. Wait on planting, because those late frosts can still be a problem.
  • Frosts are still a possibility at this time. Keep watching your local forecast to determine whether or not your plants need to be protected. Try to avoid using plastic to cover your plants. Plastic generates a lot of heat and can create a detrimental temperature change to you plants.
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For the Month of April

  • Start hanging baskets this month once the threat of frost has passed. Some great flowers for hanging baskets are impatiens, petunias and begonias.
  • Keep newly planted plants well watered. Potted plants need watering daily.
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For the Month of May

  • If your azaleas were early bloomers and are already finished blooming, then you can begin to prune them. This a good time to get them back in shape.
  • If you love cooking great summer dishes with savory herbs. Now is the time to plant them! A few great herbs are: rosemary, basil, oregano, dill, and lavender, which has a beautiful scent and color.
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For the Month of June

  • If you haven’t fertilized your Bermuda and St. Augustine grass, go ahead and do it this month.
  • If you have a foxwood plant, collect the seeds from the stalks and scatter them over the ground. This will ensure sprouts for next year. Water occasionally.
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For the Month of July

  • Azaleas need plenty of water now because they are setting buds for next spring.
  • Remove flowers from basil and mint.
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For the Month of August

  • Remember that your potted plants and hanging baskets should be watered daily.
  • Try to always do your watering early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
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For the Month of September

  • The temperatures are becoming cooler, which is your signal that it is now a great time to plant any new trees. Just make sure to dig a hole 3 times the size of the root ball.
  • Cool weather lawns like fescue can now be fertilized and warm weather lawns like Bermuda can now be winterized.
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For the Month of October

  • Spring flowering bulbs can now be planted, examples of a few are: tulip, daffodil and hyacinth.
  • Fescue grass can now be planted. This beautiful winter grass should be fertilized with a high phosphorus fertilizer. I like to try and get my seed out before the leaves start dropping.
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