Susanne Woodell and Gardening at the Biltmore Estate

Listen in to a conversation about gardening and managing one of the largest estates in the United States, from the landscape manager at The Biltmore Estate Suzanne Woodell. The Biltmore Estate consists of 8,000 acres! Discover helpful tips for managing several acres, how to save money when trying to landscape large properties, how The Biltmore accomplishes show stopping beauty, preventing deer, managing weeds, and learn about the new flower carpet display coming soon to The Biltmore!

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Martha Hill, Wise Advice For New Home Owners

Martha Hill is the Chairperson of the Landscape Management Department at Hinds Community College in Raymond, Mississippi. She has been at Hinds since 1986 where she has been the instructor and advisor to students in the Landscape Management Program. She oversees all three programs in the Landscape Management Department including Irrigation Management, Small Engine & Equipment Repair and Landscape Management.

In this podcast you will hear what Martha does from day to day, learn the value of a great curb appeal, and how to budget for landscaping when purchasing a new home, where to begin with landscaping, what to look out for when purchasing a home, sound advice on plantings, great advice for new homeowners who would like to maintain existing trees, how to choose your landscaper, and also plenty of advice for existing homeowners!

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Dr. Gary Keever From Auburn University

Dr. Keever from Auburn, Alabama shares with us the importance of having an impressive “curb appeal” and gives us insight into how this is accomplished at Auburn University, where he is very involved in landscaping and sharing his knowledge with the students. Dr. Keever received his Bachelor’s degree at Clemson University and furthered his studies by obtaining his Master’s and Doctorate degrees at Cornell University. Enjoy listening in as he shares with us his thoughts, tips, and tells us how Auburn manages their campus.

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Help from the Expert! Dr. Blake Layton and Fire Ants

Dr. Blake Layton is an Extension Urban Entomologist with Mississippi State University Extension Service. His responsibilities include: Management and control of insect pests of ornamental plants, vegetable insects, household and structural pests, and fire ants.
Dr. Layton is the expert advise you have been looking for! Listen in as Dr. Layton gives us the inside scoop on fire ants and how to control this uninvited visitor!

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Fred Fellner and the Live Oaks at Louisiana State University

Fred Fellner is the Assistant Director of Landscape Services on the campus of Louisiana State University. LSU is home to nearly 1,200 live oak trees! Listen to this engaging conversation with Mr. Fellner as he tells us how LSU cares for their trees and how you can care for the trees on your property.

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An Interview with Buddy Lee, Inventor of the Encore Azaleas

Buddy is a nationally known plant breeder and currently serves as Director of Plant Innovations for PDSI, the new plant innovation company that manages the Encore Azalea and the Southern Living™ Plant Collection.

Buddy is one of the most respected plant breeders and horticulturalists in North America, with over 30 years’ experience in nursery management, breeding, propagation and new plant development. He is active in numerous organizations, including the Azalea Society of America, the International Plant Propagators Society, and the Louisiana Nursery and Landscape Association.

In 2000, the Louisiana Nursery and Landscape Association recognized Buddy Lee’s significant contribution to the industry by presenting him with a Professional Achievement Award; and in 2007, the Azalea Society of America awarded him the Society’s Distinguished Service Award.

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Roses with Dr. Pamela Collins

Dr. Collins is an Assistant Research Professor, the Director of Gardens and the Department of Plant & Soil Sciences at Mississippi State University. She also maintains the Veterans Memorial Rose Garden at Mississippi State University. Dr. Collins has a lot of valuable information to share with us about roses.

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