Angelonia Angustifolia – Angelface

What is that flower?

Have you notice the awesome color beds Denise Hill and her Landscape Services team have planted at the Ole Miss campus entry gates this summer?  I have gotten more calls on this one plant than any other in recent years.  What is it?  Angelonia Angustifolia, common name Angelface and also known as the summer snapdragon.

After a couple years of experimenting with this tough hardy season color, the decision was made to “Wow” the entrance gates with Angelonia Angustifolia’s beautiful grace and appearance.  No dead heading required, flowers most of the summer, it does take a slight break from flowering during the high heat, but not much.  Normal watering and fertilizing is needed.  It comes in white, pink and blue tones.  Denise has found it to be very low maintenance which gives it a top rating in our Ole Miss book.

After talking with our team I asked them if they ever sheared them during the summer.  They said they did because they can get a little tall and spindly, but they quickly recover and come back thicker and with more flowers in just a few weeks.  Consider this one for the summer seasonal color bed and pots.  I think you’ll enjoy the results.

 Planting to Grow,


P.S. I heard some of the big box stores are carrying Angelonia, but always check the local garden stores first, they may can order for you.


  1. Martha May says:

    What/where are big box stores?

  2. Martha, a box store is a slang term used for large retailers such as Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Target because the physical shape of the store is usually large and rectangle, similar to a box.

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