Tree Bark Damage

Recently I had my driveway paved and the asphalt crew did a wonderful job.  In the process they bumped two trees with their equipment leaving exposed areas.  Will I lose these trees or will they be okay?

The short answer is, the trees should be okay.  The bark provides protection for vesicular system that gives the tree the ability to survive and thrive.  It is a big deal when the bark is damaged, especially if it’s damaged around the entire trunk of the tree.  Most likely if the bark is removed around the entire tree, the tree will die.  In my case, there is a chance a fungus could set in the damaged area and some experts recommend treating it with a fungicide.  I did not treat the tree damage and fully expect the trees to recover.  It is thought that taping any loose bark back on the tree with duct tape in the exact location it was prior to the damage will allow the bark a chance to heal over the wound.  I have never done this, but it sounds like it would work.  Some even recommend spraying the wound with pruning paint to help the healing process, but I don’t do this.  I find the wound paint is more for the person who owns the tree and does not help in the recovery process.  I like to clean the damaged wound with a brush and trim off any loose pieces of the bark.  This allows for the tree to do what it does naturally, heal itself.  Over the next couple of years I fully expect the wounds to be healed over with new bark.

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