Peeling Bark

Garden tip:  Peeling bark is normal for several trees you may have in the yard.  Crape myrtles, river birch and sycamore trees all have peeling bark.  As the tree grows, the trunk expands and the dry bark pops and peels naturally off the trunk.

You don’t have to do anything to the bark peeling off the tree, but you can remove the loose bark if you like.  I like to see the bark removed, especially on the focal trees I have up-lighting on.  This really gives a special feel, showcasing the unique bark.  I really like how this adds value to the yard by highlighting another interest of the tree to admire.


I hope you are enjoying your yard this summer!

Planting to grow,



  1. Looks like it’s wearing camo!I know that syacomre trees have very similar bark. Was it near water or did it have pods on the tree?Carletta recently posted..

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