Are You Pruning Like a Pro?

They all left pruning like pros on Saturday.  With the skies dark and cloudy, our “Pruning Like a Pro” class did not miss a beat.  We learned to create magic with our azaleas, camellias, loropetalum, roses, and crape myrtles by pruning them the correct way and hiding our cuts.  We learned the proper shapes, angles, and what a great looking plant is suppose to look like.

Most of all, we watched, learned and then participated in the pruning.  Everyone pruned and perfected their pruning, push on!

I overheard someone say,  “I finally feel confident I am not going to mess up my plants now.”  Knowing where, when, and how to prune will give you the confidence to make your yard glow with successful pruning.

When pruning, remember that it’s all about knowing what look you want, neat and natural or prim and proper.  Most homes have neat and natural with a little prim and proper.  In my book, Pruning Like a Pro, I share how to hide your cuts inside the plant so when you finish pruning the shrubs it looks full, natural, and not sheared like meatballs.  I also share with you how pruning like a pro will help you reduce your time pruning. You will be able to buy the book on this website soon… stay tuned.

I hope everyone enjoyed last Saturday as much as I did and that they are pruning like pros in their own yards.

Planting to Grow,


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